120 colorectal cancer tissue samples to date have been collected

120 colorectal cancer tissue samples to date have been collected
On the sidelines of the International Cancer Congress, deputy director of research and education at Razavi Hospital declared that until now, this hospital has succeeded to collect 120 colorectal cancer tissue samples.
According to the Public Relations of Razavi Hospital, Dr. Ghafarzadehgan said tissue sampling is done with the full consent of the patient for the scientific purposes.
He added that the collected samples are very valuable and expensive, and they are sold at high prices in some countries.
Pointing at the serious attempt of Razavi Hospital to collect the cancer tissues, deputy director of research and education continued using these samples, we will be able to conduct good research projects. However, we aim to start a scientific plan in the field of colorectal cancer at the moment.
Finally he announced obtaining the license of this tissue bank from the Ministry of Health, and added that after having a visit to Razavi Hospital by the Vice President of Research, this bank was approved by the Ministry of Health and started its work.

It is worth mentioning that Razavi Hospital holds the 1st International Cancer Congress on May 18-20, 2016 with the participation of over 500 national and foreign specialists and gusts from Germany, Australia, Netherlands Canada and Iran. 42 lectures and 108 articles in the form of poster are presented in this congress.
Date: 5/21/2016
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