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Health tourism is defined as people traveling for over 24 hours and less than a year from their permanent place of residence for preserving, improving or regaining their physical and mental health. One of the pioneering medical centers in Iran that has appeared very dominant in the field of Global Health Care is Razavi Hospital. The outstanding quality of the services provided, along with the reasonable final costs, are the two significant reasons for the clients' satisfaction.
Razavi Hospital also boasts having achieved the most important medical center certificate from Canada, ACI (Accreditation Canada International). From among other certificates achieved by the hospital TEMOS is worth mentioning. This certificate issued by Germany aims at keeping and improving the quality of the medical care offered to the international patients.
The establishment of the International Patients' Department (IPD) has been an internationally successful and acknowledged move for a thorough handling of the patients' medical procedures. Furthermore, the health tourism office of the ministry of health has obliged all the centers, capable to offer Global Health Care services, to establish the International Patients' Department.
Having held the International Health Tourism Congress in Islamic Countries, it has been quite a long time since the first implementation of such plans at Razavi Hospital as a pioneering hospital. As a matter of fact this department takes on the responsibility of receiving the international patients, delivering quality health care services and monitoring the patients through the follow up procedures for at least six month. The IPD committee with 12 members has also been created as a policy maker and plan designer for the better treatment of the international patients.
Coordinating almost all the services from the IPD physician for a primary examination of the patient, to the in-patients' reception; the discharge unit for an estimation of the clients costs and the security unit for guiding the clients; to coordinating the services with the facilitating company and the follow-up procedures will be the IPD coordinators' duty.
The IPD physician will also be responsible for the follow-up of all the clinical services offered to the international patients.
In order for a better and faster medical care offered to the international patients received through this department, all the services will be fast tracked. This means the patients do not have to worry about the long waiting lists.
Razavi Hospital also works on advertisement and marketing through focusing on and advertising the kind and quality of the offered services. For this to happen, attending the significant domestic and international events in the area of Global Health Care like participating in the congresses and the exhibitions has been of paramount importance to the hospital.

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