Check- up Clinic

The greatest wealth of a man during his life is healthiness. Prevention, diagnosis and finally treatment of the diseases are the main objectives of medical sciences.
Prevention of the disease and timely diagnosis especially while there are no signs and the person feels good are very vital, so it is easier to treat the disease in early stages.
Check-up now plays a significant role in early diagnosis of disorders and also prevention of serious symptoms of the diseases.
In sync with other scientific centers of the world, Razavi Hospital Check- up Clinic has been equipped with the most advanced medical facilities as well as specialists and sub specialists in different fields; it tries to offer advanced clinical, diagnostic and laboratory services according to the international standards. All the body organs of the patient are checked in this clinic in a short possible time without spending a lot of money; so the patient could be aware of his health condition, and in case of any disorders he could be treated immediately; therefore, other future 
consequences of the diseases could be prevented.

Levels of Razavi Hospital Check- up Clinic

A summary of specialized activities in Check-up Clinic of Razavi Hospital:

* Routine and special tests:
Determination of FBS, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL levels; CBC; atomic absorption including sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and etc.;
virology (Hepatitis, etc.), hematology, T.S.H, evaluation of early blood cancer markers

* Checking of the cardio vascular systems
Due to the outbreak of cardio vascular diseases in the society, check-up clinic of Razavi Hospital takes necessary steps to evaluate cardio vascular systems completely by special and new equipment such as echocardiography, exercise test and also holter monitoring. Meanwhile narrowness of the main coronary arteries is diagnosed early and safely by the instrument called CT- angiography

* Checking of the digestive system
Timely check-up and diagnosis of the digestive system diseases are possible by the newest endoscopy and colonoscopy methods. Colonoscopy is advised every 10 years to prevent malignant inferior digestive system. Through endoscopy and timely diagnosis, we can prevent stomach and duodenum ulcers as well as their next malignancies. Meanwhile some organs such as liver, spleen, gall bladder and lymph glands would be exactly checked by complete sonography.

* Vaccination
Complete vaccination against contagious and prevalent diseases in the society such as hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus, influenza and pneumococcus is provided in this center.

* Special check- up for males
Complete check-up of male's urinary- genital systems especially in case of prostate diseases is performed by examination, sonography and different tests.

* Special check- up for females
Due to the special examinations by gynecologist, mammography or sonography or both of them will be prescribed based on the age and necessity. Special activities in this regard include papsmear, checking of the genital system in the case of specific infections and prevention of malignancies.

* Optometry
This unit is equipped with the newest and the most complete sets for ophthalmology examinations; so eye related distressing diseases could be prevented through timely diagnosis of cataract, glaucoma and changes of retinal vessels.

* Dermatology
Most of the epidemic diseases and malignancies are without any specific signs and symptoms in early stages; as the result of the disease development, the signs would become excessive and treatment takes a lot of time and money. Soon and timely diagnosis as well as epidemic sampling if required could be done in check-up clinic.

* Nutritional consultation
Due to the mechanical life, lack of enough motions and unsuitable diets; the related diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc. have been increased among people in the society. To prevent and treat such diseases, nutritional consultation and also suitable diets are provided in this clinic too.

* Dentistry
Regarding the unsuitable food habits and consuming too much carbohydrate, some oral and dental diseases especially tooth decay and gum infections have been increased remarkably in the society. To prevent these problems and high expenses, complete oral and dental examinations are being done in check-up clinic.

* Psychological consultation
Having a fresh and dynamic society requires not only physical health but promotion of psychological and mental health of the people; so psychological consultations, ways of reducing stress and also life skills are presented by expert psychologists in this clinic.