Nuclear Medicine

This unit enjoys a built up area of about 600 sqm. It is equipped with a Dual Head Gama camera. An experienced team including nuclear medicine specialists, physicists, Imaging technologists and nurses are responsible for all the achieved scans. The current scans are as follows:
- Bone Scan including total or local evaluations
-Complete evaluation of nervous system including brain perfusion, brain Tumors, response to Radiotherapy treatment by Thallium, CSF evaluation including brain Shunt or evaluation of the possible leakage of liquid.
-Urinary system Scan including Dynamic EC, DMSA and VCUG
-analyzing Scan of digestive system including HIDA, GI Bleeding, salivary glands function, esophagus Transit, gastric emptying and Colon Transit.
-Liver Scan by Sulfuochloeid and liver hemangioma
-Thyroid and parathyroid evaluation
- Spleen sub evaluation
-Lymphatic system evaluation
This unit enjoys three Isolate rooms for hospitalization the patients with Thyroid cancer, who need Iodine Therapy; patients with bone pains who have to be treated with radioactive materials such as Strontium and patients with malignant Monochrome cytoma, who need MIBG.
The number of referred patients to nuclear medicine unit in 2009 was 4799 and in the first semester of 2010, it was 2534.
In the developing project of Razavi hospital, we are going to equip the Radiotherapy unit with the newest and modern technologies of the world.
Since Radiotherapy centers in IRAN and also Mashhad have admitted some of the patients from neighbour countries; Razavi hospital is going to prepare an equipped and advanced Radiography center in near furure to admit major of foreign patients. In this regards this unit will be equipped with advanced Artiste linear accelerator, Large bore CT-Simulator with high quality and Brachy Therapy to achieve new Radiotherapy techniques including SRT, SRS, IGRT, IMRT, etc.
Two Artist Radiotherapy sets will provide regular treatment of the patient without any delay. The advanced MLC system applied in this set enjoys more than 160 leaves, so it is possible to localize precisely the cancer tumors and make them separate from the healthy organs. This technology will result in maximum radiation to tumor and minimum radiation to the critical organs around the area under treatment.
The advanced CT-Simulator helps to treat cancer tumors more precisely and provides the best patient's set up during Radiotherapy. The suitable electronic relation between this imaging and treatment systems will improve the 3D treatment procedure. Decreasing the related side effects and better response to treatment are the results of such method.
New Radiotherapy methods would be possible through applying this advanced imaging system. Distributing the proper dose of radiation to tumor, decreasing radiation to healthy organs and 4D Adaptive Radiotherapy are the advantages of these methods.
Brachy Therapy makes it possible to take advantage of the complementary therapies. This part enjoys an equipped operation room too. While performing surgery, Radiotherapy will be possible in sterile and desirable situation.
Applying the advanced soft wares in treatment planning has provided the best treatment planning and also verification possibility.
Since Razavi hospital is more interested in health tourism, it decides to equip this unit with the modern and advanced facilities such as Spect, Spect-CT, PET-CT and Cyclotron in its developing project. Therefore, Cardiac imaging will be achieved only through using a quarter dose of drug than its current dose. This results in decreasing risks of radiation.
Simultaneous molecular imaging along with CT localization is the advantage of Spect-CT. As a result the exact diagnosis of the disease would be feasible.
PET-CT enjoys incredible resolution, 2mm; so diagnosis, recurrence, early diagnosis, resistance to treatment as well as diagnosis while staging and re-staging would be feasible.
Through applying Cyclotron, This unit would be able to use relatively unusual Nuclear Medicine Radio (except FDG) including C11-Acetate, C11-Metionin, F18-Dopa and F18-Flouromezanizol.
The Mould Room located in this unit will be quite useful in decreasing the radiation side effects to healthy organs.
In order to minimize the side effects of radiation to healthy organs, Immobilization and Fixation systems have been applied for patient treatment.
Radiotherapy unit of Razavi hospital, enjoying the proper equipment, an experienced Radiotherapy team consists of Oncologists, Physicists, Technologists and nurses will ready to offer the best Radiotherapy services to different patients of all ages in the region.