Radiotherapy- Oncology

Razavi Hospital enjoys the latest and the most modern radiotherpay- oncology equipment which is unique across the country.
Regarding the investment of neighboring countries in health tourism, Razavi Hospital decided to consider and establish an equipped radiotherpay- oncology department in its developing project in order to be a pioneer in admission of numerous foreign patients. Benefiting from some equipment such as advanced Artiste linear accelerators and Large Bore CT simulator with high resolution capability, in this regard, this department will be capable of carrying out the new techniques of radiation therapy including IMRT,IGRT,SRS,SRT, etc. which are only available in few neighboring countries.
The two Artiste radiotherapy sets available in this department have allowed the patients having a regular treatment without any delay. The advanced 160- leaf MLC system applied in Artiste radiotherapy sets has made it possible to localize accurately cancer tumors and distinguish them from the surrounding healthy organs. This will lead to imposing the maximum dose of radiation to the cancer tumor and minimize dose to the surrounding healthy tissues. An accurate verification of treatment plans is accessible due to the existence of EPID imaging system applied in this accelerator.
CT simulator with high resolution capability is helpful to design the most precise treatment plan for cancer tumors; it also provides the patient with the best set- up during radiotherapy. Due to the existence of the advanced treatment plan software in this department, an appropriate electronic connection is established between the imaging system and treatment system leading to create optimum conditions for implementation of the best 3-D and even 4-D treatment plans.
Meanwhile 14 equipped beds for chemotherapy are available in this department for the patients who need complementary therapies.

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